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Why is it important to maintain my air conditioner and furnace?

If you could see an accident before it happened, wouldn’t you want to prevent it? Well, you can do just that. Proper maintenance can foresee troubles with your system before they become serious or even worse an emergency situation.

A routine heating & AC maintenance will help prolong the life of your system. Maintaining your system will insure proper operation, and maintain its cleanliness. Dirt build up can lead to equipment malfunctioning. In addition, cleanliness will provide improved capacity and lower energy costs. Keep in mind, a regular maintenance will support your effort in meeting the manufacturer warranty requirements.

For Peace of Mind, we offer a Preferred Customer Service Agreement.

You can save money when your system is maintained regularly. The price of your contract is guaranteed! To thank our customers for the trust they place in us, we offer a 10% discount on all repairs during the life of their contract. And to show you that Preferred Treatment, you won’t wait longer than 48 hours for a scheduled appointment. AND NO OVERTIME CHARGE! For an extra added bonus, we call you to schedule your maintenance appointment. Sit back, relax and leave the heating & Air Conditioning maintaining to us.

Maintenance Tips

Dirty filters will cause your equipment to work harder than it should. The result energy waste and even possible internal damage to the unit. Become familiar with the type of filter your system requires. If you have a washable, that is reusable, make sure it is completely dry before replacing. Periodically, place your thermostat on HEAT and move the temperature setting above room temperature. Listen for any unusual sounds that are of concern. Contact us if you believe there may be a potential problem.

All of the return registers/ grilles should be kept free of obstructions such as furniture, dirt and debris. This will hinder proper air flow. Improving indoor air quality starts with cleaning your humidifier reservoir regularly. Cleanliness of your humidifier will prevent build up of mold and mildew.

Unrestricted air flow to the outdoor unit is extremely important. Remove trash leaves, grass and tree trimmings that are in close proximity. Any debris that collects around the unit will cause your unit to work harder than intended, resulting in using more energy and higher utility bills. The outdoor coil on a heat pump or air conditioner can become obstructed by dust, leaves and yard trimmings. You can use a garden hose and apply gentle, water pressure over the coil, to remove any blockages. Be sure and run water in a downward motion. A heat pump or air conditioner should sit level. If you notice a shifting or settling of the ground in which your unit sits, re-level. Moisture/water must drain properly from the condensing unit.

Service Tips

If your system will not come on, check your circuit breakers and disconnect switch. Changing your thermostat rapidly may cause the compressor motor protector to open. When this happens the compressor will turn off for a short period of time. Allow 15 minutes for compressor to automatically reset itself. Check your blower compartment door to insure it is closed. The unit will not come on if the door is not completely closed.

Check outdoor condenser for any blockages. Enclosures around your outside unit can interfere with proper operation. Sometimes you may experience rooms cooler or warmer than others. You can balance airflow to your satisfaction. Simply pull the lever on the registers downward to decrease and upward to increase airflow. Remember, when increasing airflow for one area you decrease in another. It is not uncommon to find the need to change the airflow for each season.